AZ La Feuille Giverny

USD 21.03

Paris is called the City of Love for a number of reasons, including its sights, its native language and its boast of gorgeous & romantic places.

And from the beautiful parks in Paris comes La Feuille, the collection which embraces the feeling of love which comes from our hearts. It's natural and pure, like a creation in a secret garden.

Originally launched exclusively at Isetan KLCC to celebrate our first business collaboration anniversary, the collection was sold out only in a few hours!

Due to very high demand, here comes the new batch of La Feuille with new color selections & improved satin material to provide comfort for you!



Material: High Quality Satin

Measurement: 45" x 45"

Packaging: AZ Hard Black box

Nur alimatu sadiah bought hijab, shirt and pants just now...