AZ Stella Flint Night

USD 21.03

Life is an empty canvas. It becomes whatever you paint it. You can paint happiness, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory. Make it beautiful. When people look at your life, make them inspired. Give them hope. Make them want to contribute. And this is all about our latest collection, #AZStella. This collection brings you about the art of your life and is an inspired symbol that has been implemented in each color to keep you shine and positive all day!



Measurement: 45" x 45"

Material: Premium Dull Satin

Opacity: Level 4 (90% opaque as it is / 90% opaque after folded into triangle)


This collection will come in an individual reusable pouch bag. (Sale: OPP Plastic)



1. Actual colors may differ slightly from your screen due to camera flash and the fact that every computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and phone screen has a different capability to display colors.

2. Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem and scarves may not be 100% perfectly square. 

3. All orders will be processed in between 3-5 working days.

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