AZ Mask Single Tie-On Strap Black

USD 4.49

You just don’t leave home without a face mask nowadays. Stay safe & breath comfortably with our New Ultralight Reusable face mask that comes with Filter Pocket. Made with Advanced Breathable Neoprene material, it allows you to achieve the perfect fit for maximum comfort. 


Material: 3 Ply Stretchable Anti-Dust Advanced Breathable Neoprene Fabric (treated with Anti-Microbial technology) 

Design: Single Tie-On Strap

Packaging: AZ Envelope



*This mask is not intended for medical use.

*No filter provided

*Please remember no fabric mask provides 100% guarantee against viral transmission.

*Always practice proper social distancing.

*Washable (avoid using softener for maximum effectiveness).

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