AZ Lovisa Wanderer

MYR 89.00

Lovisa, which means the renowned warrior, is a collection dedicated to the strong & independent women out there to cherish their strengths. Despite our races, personalities or jobs, we are all a warrior. We are fearless in pursuit of what sets our souls on fire & we never let anyone make us feel inferior.

The collection encourages women to be as carefree as the ribbons, not worrying about what may come and just do whatever you want this moment because women are meant to support & lift each other up. Whether you’re a VERSATILE, a DREAMER, a WANDERER or a LADY BOSS, you are a woman and we treasure you for that.



Material: High Quality Twill Silk

Measurement: 45" x 45"

Packaging: Hard box

Nur alimatu sadiah bought hijab, shirt and pants just now...