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AZ Cattleya Moonless Night

USD 14.62

*** The delivery under this limitations will be done once in a week. Kindly ensure your address is reachable during the this time. We are deeply sorry for the delay, but we believe this will help the nation in the battle against Covid-19.

May your life blossom just like AZ Cattleya!


Strong enough to rise again, even when your heart is heavy from chaos of the world around you.


Tough enough to weather the worst of the summer storms, even how drained you feel, how undervalued you might be.


If you are an orchid lover, you’ll be glad to know that AZ Cattleya was inspired from these beautiful flowers that symbolize the magnificent of love, beauty, and innocence in most cultures around the world. And of course, it represent the symbol of brave for women based on how it can stay live in any condition.


With AZ Cattleya, explore yourself in center in Peace, Hope, Love and keep growing shine in doing good. Let it grow freely and flourish in the beauty and joy of each day!


Product Details

Price: RM65.00

Material: High-Quality Cotton Voile

Packaging: AZ Envelope

Opacity: Level 4



Level 1 - totally see-through that needs inner.

Level 2 - see-through depending on the color

Level 3 - a semi see-through

Level 4 - 90% opaque as it is / 90% opaque after folded into triangle

Level 5 - 100% opaque as it is / 100% opaque after folded into triangle



1. Actual colors may differ slightly from your screen due to camera flash and the fact that every computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and phone screen has a different capability to display colors.

2. Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem and scarves may not be 100% perfectly square.

3. Due to the recent announcement of the Movement Control Order, our team will be working from home & our stores are all closed.  

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