AZ Alanna Soul

USD 21.03

Alanna, which means ‘the precious one’ is personally a special collection to us. Besides being the collection to celebrate our anniversary with @isetankl Alanna brings a bigger message through the elements in the design.


In life, there are times where we have to make a decision to step out from our current state and move on. The arrows in Alanna symbolise the strength to keep moving forward and the sense of direction to never look back. No matter how hard it is at the time, have faith in yourself and all your hard work. Your efforts will never betray you, so take that step confidently and keep moving forward!


The colors for the square series are also enhanced to emphasise this message and gives you the vibe you need. With four fresh colors to choose from, you surely will feel good all day!


Made from the Premium Twill material, Alanna is silky soft and light in weight. Hence, you can easily achieve the look you desire with beautiful drapes. Not forgetting, it’s comfortable too!



Material : Premium Twill Silk

Measurement : 45” x 45”

Packaging : AZ Hard Box (Sale: OPP Plastic)

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