Sarah Tieback Scarf

One of our best selling collections, the Sarah Tieback ironless scarf is back by overwhelming demand! The previous batches were amazing and many of you have shared your love towards Sarah. 

Well what’s not to love when it’s pinless, effortless, easy to care for, and absolutely comfortable!

With a lighther version of your favorite Moss Crepe as the material, Sarah is ready to be with you from working to travelling, chilling or hustling! And there's new metal at a new position for you to show it off too!


Material : High Quality Soft Moss Crepe

Measurement : Face opening (17”) Length (63”) Back Length (35”)

Packaging: This SALE item does not come in a box, only plain plastic packaging

Sale Sarah Tieback Scarf Mars
MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00
Sale Sarah Tieback Scarf French Pink
Sale Sarah Tieback Scarf Pewter Green
Sale Sarah Tieback Scarf Emerald
MYR 69.00 MYR 59.00