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AZ Eid Al Adha

AZ Zara

Flowery and so fresh! Trust me, you’re almost can’t go wrong with flower prints. We combine 3 types of flower; Cymbidium Orchid, Daisy & Lotus just for you :) 

The combination of them decorated our life perfectly and creating a special scent for a delicate woman’s soul and that’s why we created, #AZZara for you. We presenting 8 colors, from bold to pastel, surely there is one suit for you!

#AZZARA; beautiful, fresh, and blossoming are perfectly the best compliment to symbolize the beauty of women.


Product Details

Measurement: 45" X 45"

Material: High Quality Cotton Voile 

Packaging: Black Soft Case box


Note: Please bear in mind that photo will be slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display. The order will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

Nur alimatu sadiah bought hijab, shirt and pants just now...