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AZ Eid Al Adha

AZ Grace

• Pure • Soft • Feminine

Lace and women are just another inseparable pair. It is the fabric that grows with us, stays with us, and becomes whatever we need it to be.

Above all, it's the feminine touch of lace that makes us fall in love each and every time.

In honour of our genuine love towards lace, here comes the soft and feminine Eid collection. The AZ Grace.


Made from everyone's favorite Valentro Satin, the AZ Grace is light and breathable, putting comfort as the top priority.

It is also super easy to shape, so go on and experiment any style you want this coming Raya!

Comes in 3 essential colors, the Grace surely is one of your raya scarves this year!



Material : Valentro Satin

Measurement : 45" x 45"

Nur alimatu sadiah bought hijab, shirt and pants just now...