AZ Asma

AZ Calla

Calla, which means beautiful is specially planned to be launched in this exact last month of the year, before we celebrate the new decade as a grateful reminder for us to stop and reflect on the years that have gone by. To remember both our triumphs & our missteps.

The different patterns on the scarf symbolises the various kinds of phases in life which we will be going through next year, while the lines around them represent your inner strengths. We are telling you that it doesn’t matter if the year to come is full of ups and downs, you will get through it. The power you have within will keep you in shape as the borders are protecting the patterns, and you will be moving forward as the arrow shape border. And these all, are because you’re a Calla, inside out.



Material : High Quality Zandria Satin

Measurement : 45” x 45”

Packaging: This SALE item does not come in box, only plain plastic packaging

Nur alimatu sadiah bought hijab, shirt and pants just now...